Sand Casting Foundry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sand casting foundry?

A sand casting foundry produces sand molds into which molten metal is poured. After the metal is poured, the casting is removed from the mold and the sand can be recycled. There are several common types of sand casting:

  • No-Bake \ Airset
  • Green Sand

No-Bake \ Airset
No-bake molds are expendable sand molds that contain a quick-setting liquid resin and catalyst. The molding sand is poured into the flask and held until the resin solidifies, which occurs at room temperature. Because no heat is involved it is called a cold-setting process. The no-bake process is primarily used for low to medium volume work.
Green Sand
In the green sand process, sand is coated with a mixture of bentonite clay and water. These molds are made of wet sand that is used to make the mold's shape. The green sand process lends itself to high-volume work.