Erhart Foundry - Gray and Ductile Iron Castings

Erhart Foundry is a true jobbing foundry conveniently located in the midwest in Cincinnati, OH. We provide castings for customers who need low and medium volumes of gray and ductile iron. We excel at providing excellent castings for short runs, repair parts, prototypes, or any other projects that do not need consistently high volumes. We have hundreds of customers, some order castings nearly every day, others may only order once or twice a year.

We are able to handle any aspects of your project from obtaining tooling\patterns (wood or foam patterns, 3D printed molds and/or cores), casting your part, stress relieving, heat treating to finding outside vendors to provide any other necessary services.


Experience, combined with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology means castings as YOU want them. Does your present supplier know how expensive a scrap casting is in lost handling, machine time, lead time and freight? ERHART does -- and we'll help you reduce these very types of problems.



Due to our moderate size, ERHART has closer control over production. Our customers are customers -- not customer numbers.


Family-owned and operated, with employees that understand that customers make payday possible.

Full Service

We can assist in any area of your project and can leverage our close relationship with pattern makers (both additive and subtractive) and other service providers when required.

Buyer Security

A company whose sole purpose is to satisfy YOUR casting needs -- who appreciates a small order as well as a large order -- and can meet YOUR deadlines.

Industries Served

Specialized Machinery \ Industrial

Oil & Gas




Valve & Pump


Art \ Architectural